BEGIN:VCARD VERSION:2.1 TEL;PREF;WORK;VOICE;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE:(203) 288-5299 TEL;WORK;FAX;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE: N:Switko;Shari;J.;; FN:Shari J. Switko ADR;WORK;POSTAL;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE:;;3074 Whitney Avenue;Hamden;CT;06518;USA EMAIL; NOTE;ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE:The use of the Internet for communications with the firm will not establish= an attorney-client relationship and messages containing confidential o= r time-sensitive information should not be sent. URL;WORK: TITLE:Attorney at Law ORG:The Law Office of Shari J. Switko REV:2018-03-17T10:24:56Z MAILER: Joomla! vCard for The Law Office of Shari J. Switko END:VCARD